Hortensia Chair

Barcelona 2019

Handcraft Techniques

Wood structure seat upholstered with colored polyester fabric and Petal System on top

H 80 x 112 x 82 cm


Limited Edition of 25


“The Hortensia Chair began as a series of digital experiments to evoke the petals of the Hydrangea flower that Reisinger rendered in an image of a pale pink armchair, plush in its apparent tactility. 

The image went viral on Instagram, prompting the placement of three orders -for a chair that did not yet exist. In response to the interest, he sought for a manufacturing partner yet the response he got was always the same: it would be impossible to create. 

As a consequence, he put together his own team, starting with Júlia Esqué, a product designer focused on textile design. 

The design process sought to create a system based on petals that could then be reproduced with a surface looking and feeling as natural as its counterpart.  A series of individually laser-cut polyester modules were clustered together to create the unique petal system that swathes the foam base fabric of the chair’s broad wooden base in supple petals.

Imbued with a sense of randomness and lightness, the petal system found an organic form. The objet d’art that once only existed as pixels in the confines of the screen now waits to be touched, leaned back into, reveled in.”

Abstract from Between Image and Object, a Chair Finds its Form by Anna Dorothea Ker