Il·lacions Team


Like a ray of light the alabaster tray is a warm companion spot in the room. One where you can also leave your book, your pen, your glass of wine.

Made of alabaster from El Sarral, Tarragona, a unique quarry, the only alabaster in the world with brown dark veins, giving to the piece a dramatic presence when lit.


· Handcrafted by Isidre Magre

· Technical design: Josep Puig

· Produced by Il·lacions

· Barcelona, 2019

· Alabaster

· H 5 x 41 x 27 cm

Il·lacions Team

Paula Karelic, Xavier Franquesa

Paula Karelic joined forces with Xavier Franquesa to re-launch the gallery Illacions. Their first piece, Lightray, is the melting pot of different creative processes and materials researches, somehow summarizing the proper name of the gallery, Il·lacions, the action to infer, to connect processes.

For this piece Josep Puig was the technical designer and Jordi Ruiz Mestres the production manager.