Carles Roig

Born in Badalona (1961). Self-taught photographer, he has been working professionally in photography since 1986, a task he has combined with cultural management, teaching and artistic creation.
Always trying to respond intuitively and with the same creative spirit to both commercial assignments and the development of educational projects and his most personal projects. Trying to offer genuine and different answers to the same demands as always.
It moves comfortably through complexity, where the boundaries between different disciplines or genres are blurred.
He has used the camera to get to know the world and himself in order to understand the other. Image weaver who translates who is _and also who is not_: between lights and shadows it is still “under construction”.

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Since 2002, he has been working in la retrateria, the space in the Barcelona’s Gràcia district that is also a photographic studio, workshop, classroom, presentation and exhibition room.