Essaiworks is a creative collaborative project by Rosa Cortiella, Francesc Gasch and Darragh Casey.

Coming from the French word ‘essai’ to trial or experiment, the 3 came together with an open and experimental approach to the tactility of clay in search of new creative directions and outcomes. Their experimental hands-on process pushes in new directions for ceramic tableware resulting in products that create conversation and resist everyday utility.

Porcelain Wrap is the first series of this collaboration.

More Info

Rosa Cortiella is a multifaceted ceramic artist who approaches clay with originality, expertise, and a unique conceptual ideology. With her studio in Barcelona, she demonstrates an innate capacity for observation and the ability to make seemingly impossible projects a reality. She has exhibited her work internationally and collaborates frequently with designers and other creative professionals to further challenge and expand her skill set.

Francesc Gasch is an industrial designer and engineer with a particular focus on furniture, lighting and product design. His studio established in Barcelona in 2011 prides itself on attention to detail with careful consideration of every aspect of a product’s existence from materiality, production, fittings, as well as the impact their products have environmentally and socially.

Darragh Casey is an Irish designer/maker who works between product, furniture, interior and architecture disciplines. ‘Making’ is a vital element in Darragh’s design approach as he merges traditional craft practices with developing digital manufacturing processes as part of his working process.