Inés Sistiaga
Inés Sistiaga is a textile designer and researcher based in Madrid. After studying Jewelry at Escola Massana in Barcelona she moved to the Netherlands to pursue a design degree at Design Academy Eindhoven. She finished in 2018 with honors in the Design for Wellbeing department, led by Ilse Crawford and taught by Formafantasma and Burobelen, among others.

University professor as well as independent designer, her portfolio includes projects both in collaboration with other creators or institutions and on her own. In parallel, she evolves as a textile researcher and knit programmer, and offers consultancy on creative projects.

With her work, mostly focused on the exploration of materials and textile structures, she develops studies ranging from the functional to the aesthetic and from the technical to the decorative.

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Through trial-and-error processes, Inés explores visual languages and material constructions by mediating artisanal and digital technology. For Sistiaga, textiles are a tool. Her research is materialized in proposals within the field of Design and Interior Design.