Pròsper Riba
Born in Barcelona (1992). He defines himself as a craftsman, glassblower and designer.
Trained in design at Escola Massana in Barcelona and in the art of glass blowing at the Glasfachschule Zwiesel in Germany, he has completed his apprenticeship in various workshops such as the Bild-werk (Germany) and the Penland School (USA) and also assisting master glassmakers Matteo Gonet (Basel) or Jeremy Maxwell (Paris) in two different workshops where design and crafts went hand in hand.

To the acquisition of this knowledge must be added his own research in regards to the mastery and transformation of the sphericity of blown glass, its sculptural expressiveness, the appearances of glass as a material and the symbiosis light-shape-color.

More Info
He lives in Barcelona. Through his brand The glass apprentice, he creates, produces and sells his own designs in blown glass. He also works as an advisor, producing prototypes and small series of glass products for designers like Jordi Veciana, Verónica Fuerte, Sanna Völker, Alejandra Perini and the firm Parachilna. He also advises design students. The project From the ashes by Benedikt Peirotén (Elisava Faculty of Design and Engineering), in which he actively participated, has won the European Product Design Award (2021).