"A" chair

by Brats

Stainless steel

H 90 x L 40 x W 48 cm

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A single 3mm-thick piece is generated from two basic elements: a line and an arc. The sheet geometry and the curve make the hardness of the steel a ductile and comfortable element.

The visual singularity is enhanced by the simplicity of the design and its different finishes give each piece a unique value. Formal purity fades among the reflections of the environment.

Designer & Collection
.brats was established by the architects Andrea Ayra and Gonzalo Pérez, both graduated by the ETSA Vallès (UPC) in 2020.
“Our practice is committed to designing and developing objects of fascination and furniture pieces conceived to interact, distort, and change spaces. We are interested in how common raw materials mixed with the work of our artisans become something simple and aesthetic. We strive to treat each design and object in a unique way.”

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