by Sebastian Alberdi

Side table
Iron and stainless steel

H 43 x L 40 x W 40 cm

Unique piece

In Stock



The Age side table is part of a family of objects that invites to look, reflect and, above all, touch, explore and understand. Understanding the union of two materials that are initially very similar in appearance, but that will only reveal their true nature with the passage of time and interaction with the elements. The ambient humidity, the human touch or the air will transform its appearance in a progressive and organic way to obtain a unique and unrepeatable result. Only the passage of time during which the piece is exposed to the elements and the way it is interacted with will shape and define its final appearance.

Designer & Collection

Sebastian Alberdi

Spanish-Argentinian industrial designer  runs his studio in Barcelona, where he has been located since moving from Buenos Aires in 2002. Co-founder of design collective Outofstock , he has been creating furniture, small objects, conceptual pieces and experiences for international brands and institutions such as Ligne Roset, Blå Station, Bolia, The Josef & Anni Albers Foundation, Ekobo or Clear Gallery Tokyo among others.

In addition to his design studio practice, he’s been professor and advisor at Instituto Europeo di Design Barcelona since his graduation in 2006. Sebastian’s work is in a constant exploration pushing materials, technology and crafts boundaries, seeking for new functional and visual codes.

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