by Alejandra Perini & Studio Kiwibravo

Folded iron and chameleonic effect acrylic painting.

H 45 x 35 x 42 cm. Wgt 15 kg

Unique piece

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Cétoine takes its cues from its French namesake, a specific breed of iridescent beetle.

Considered to be sacred in ancient cultures, the beetle’s exoskeleton changes color and form depending on a viewer’s perspective.

Inspired by this appealing camouflage, Perini and Kiwibravo took up the challenge of translating it into a design for daily life. Amazingly, they captured the magic of nature in their Cétoine stool.

A vibrant furniture that has life, that changes and surprises. Move around it and experience the changes in shape and color and the effect it has on its surroundings.

Moreover, when combining several Cétoine stools they generate a columned bench.

Designer & Collection

Alejandra Perini (1992)

Born in Colombia in 1992. She grew up in an artistic Italian-Colombian family. From a young age she began showing interest in design and crafts, being her mother a ceramist and her father a metal smith.

After graduating from ECAL in 2015, Alejandra Perini moved to Barcelona to pursue her career in design.

She is a product designer with a strong focus on materiality and craftsmanship, combining personal projects with her work at studios and brands as BOLIA, Warm Nordic, Sebastian Alberdi Studio, Ox Gallery and currently Octaevo.

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