Aluminium block

by Antoni Pallejà (APO x Sivasdescalzo)

Podest, side table
Cyan anodized aluminium block

H 45 x L 48 x W 28 cm

Unique piece

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Anodized aluminium block in cyan, produced by joining together standard structural assembly units. These pieces are born out of the collaboration between A.P.O. and Sivasdescalzo to create a novel concept for their new store on Calle Churruca in Madrid. The location of the store in a former mechanical workshop defines the line of our work, reinterpreting industrial materials, converting them into elements that convey luxury and fashion.

Designer & Collection

Antoni Pallejà (1979)

Antoni Pallejà Office works cross disciplinary to realise its modern vision, implementin creative direction, product design, spatial styling and design strategy. Under the creative direction of Barcelona based designer Antoni Pallejà, the office seeks autonomy and clarity for the constructed object and achieving a rigorous presentation of material possibilities. A.P.O. understands the potential of design not only in terms of an aesthetic vocabulary but also creating bold values for both brands and society.

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