Anna "sooorry it fell"

by Joan Vellvé
UNCRAFTED, “Little Friends” collection
Plate tray

H 10 x L 10 x W 20 cm

Unique piece

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Piece that belongs to Little Friends, a collection of ashtrays and other small trays. Joan Vellvé's practice is based on the locality of the surroundings, the workshop, the tools, the materials and the individual process of learning-by-doing. The collection allow space for an imagined craftsmanship, an aesthetics, and an artistic approach; outcomes as by-products of processes of working and playing with materials.

Designer & Collection
Joan Vellvé (1987)

He is a creative practitioner born in Barcelona. Educated between Elisava and Design Academy Eindhoven, Joan’s work is a compendium of experiments, walks and critical thinking. For all the work that Vellvé has developed, he looks for curious and critical positionings that enable a fresh point of view together wih his technical eye and crafty hands.

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