by Josep Vila Capdevila

Southern Spain “mil leches” marble

H 85 x L 250 x W 66 cm

Unique piece

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Like a monumental iceberg, the Arctic Console seems to float in the space. A unique piece made out of solid marble from the South of Spain, a warm land that provides, in appearance, this frozen stone. The stone – icy and crystalline - is letting the light pass through. The form - with its disorderly and broken legs - evokes a game of lights and shadows, an Arctic sunset. Small solid brass details finish the piece.

Designer & Collection

Josep Vila Capdevila (1974)

Founder and Head Designer of Aparentment, Josep Vila is a multidisciplinary designer that has been linked to fashion, advertising, photojournalism and even music. In 2012, he launched his first collection of objects, Marblelous, that had an impact nationally and internationally. Since then, he has followed a design path towards experimentation and innovation working with noble, robust and lasting materials. Timeless and sophisticated signature design that supports local manufacturing and production.

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