by Jordi Ribaudí

Set of 2 chairs
Sicilian buffalo and spruce wood

H 100 x L 90 x W 75 cm (each)

Unique piece

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The Atribut collection reflects on the opposing concepts form / appearance and object / symbol, hinting at the contradictions between what we want to look like and what we really are. Jordi Ribaudí practices Organic Design in three steps: reflection, action and object. The starting point is always leather, a material used as a symbol. Their creations can be considered as efficient objects, as they are the result of a minimum of manipulation, of a minimum of waste.

Designer & Collection

Jordi Ribaudí

BA in Industrial Design. In 1996, he founded Estudi Ribaudí, which specializes in product design, furniture and lighting. As an interior designer, he collaborates with well-known fashion brands.

In 2005, he started the restoration of a 19th century tannery, where he moved his studio and which in turn became an exhibition and promotion space for Igualada’s old industrial district.

Since 2009, he has been promoting REC.0, an innovative project to give visibility to architectural heritage through the temporary installation of “pop up” shops in abandoned tanneries.

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