Bodega Collection

designed by Sanna Völker

hand blown by Pròsper Riba

Set of 3 glasses and a bottle 
Blown glass

Unique piece

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The "Bodega Collection" explores the practices and utensils found at the traditional "bodegas de vermut" (Spanish vermouth cellar and bar). The piece explore the natural states of blown glass and the relationship between solid and liquid forms.

The designs are shaped using an antique metal funnel and soda siphon cage form. Influenced by the shapes and texture of fine crystal, the carafe reveals its handcrafted process and the nature of the material through a playful approach that retains traces of the mold. The drinking glasses make reference to one of the distinctive additions to the severed vermouth, where a small slit in the edge of the glass hints at the positioning of an olive pick.

Designer & Collection
Sanna Völker

Swedish-born designer who works at the crossing point between Scandinavia and Spain. Her designs were exhibited in Milan, Paris, Barcelona and Cologne. Sanna’s work can be described as a search for equilibrium between rawness and refinement, harmony and intrigue. Her designs often draw references to architecture and brutalism, manifested in furniture and objects of pure shapes. Working with natural materials, her pieces consist of clean geometries coupled with timeless expression.

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Pròsper Riba (1992)

Born in Barcelona, he defines himself as a craftsman, glassblower and designer. Trained in design at Escola Massana in Barcelona and in the art of glass blowing at the Glasfachschule Zwiesel in Germany, he has completed his apprenticeship in various workshops such as the Bild-werk (Germany) and the Penland School (USA) and also assisting master glassmakers Matteo Gonet (Basel) or Jeremy Maxwell (Paris) in two different workshops where design and crafts went hand in hand.

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