Desk MSB 302.2

by MSubiràs

Double Desk
Steel plates (blue steel or oxidized)

H 74 x 54 x 89, seating height 46 cm

Unique piece

In Stock



Double desk made with only seven 10 mm steel plates invisibly welded. Constructive essentialism. Materialization.

Designer & Collection
Miquel Subiràs

Born in Olot, Girona. His philosophy revolves around function plus emotion, in a kind of constructive essentialism, playing with expressiveness, naturalness, refinement, technology, and sustainability. Miquel Subiràs has created a multidisciplinary creative space principally related to architecture, design, and interior design. Formed by a network of people from different disciplines such as architecture, engineering, design, art, advertising, and more in which creativity becomes the meeting point.

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