Difficult Table

by Cristian Herrera Dalmau

Side table

Iron bichromated
∅45cm x H 55cm

Unique piece

In Stock



The Difficult Table is an unfinished struggle to achieve an iridescent finish for a side table. The magic of the bichromated iron is diluted when varnished in all possible ways. But nonetheless, the tireless pulse of the artist still persists on finding the optimal solution. Until then this beautiful geometrical varnished table enchants so many of us.

Designer & Collection
Cristian Herrera Dalmau

Born in Barcelona and graduated in Fine Arts in 2012. Sculpture is his area of expertise and iron the discipline he masters most, where he feels more comfortable, without abandoning his interest in other materials, such as wood and stone. His work takes place at the border between the subject and the object. Somehow his research aims to establish possible links between design and art, understanding the objects as a language and action as message.

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