Fb Stool #1

by Curro Claret

Wood, T300 metal piece and copies of branded bags

H 45.5 x L 34 x W 34 Ø23 cm

Limited edition 

In Stock




Fb is a collection of stools made with copies of branded bags bought on the street with the T300 metal piece.

Designer & Collection

Curro Claret (1968)

Curro studied industrial design at the Elisava School and in Central St. Martins in London. In 1998 he began his freelance work. Since then, he had worked in different projects of all kind. Alongside these years he has been working as a professor in Elisava and occasionally in other Spanish centers and in other countries as well. His work has been exhibited in various places and published in different media and has received various honors and awards.

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