by May Beydoun

Sculptural lamp
Indian granite stone, frosted glass tube, aluminum and LED

Stone: H 33 x L 30 x W 26 cm, with 4 cm diameter hole
Glass: 90 cm tube, with 3.8 cm diameter hole (aluminum cylinder including the light socket: 6.3 cm)

Unique piece

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H1 is a sculptural lamp inspired by the walls of war, where the light goes through the cracks. Following the concept of built destruction light is represented as a weapon of creation, where hope plays a role in the pursuit of enlightenment.

Designer & Collection

May Bedoun

She is a Lebanese multidisciplinary artist who is crafting her way into the world of sculptural design. May is driven by her sensitivity on how environments influence emotions. Her current focus is on the play of light in order to explore, alter and question the way we perceive the nature of things. Inspired by brutalist architecture and tribal artifacts, She seeks to express through the fusion of contrasting elements. Aware of the importance of hands-on approach, she values collaborations with craftsmen and working with raw materials.

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