Hiruki L

by Julen Ussia


H 20 x L 60 x W 10 cm

Unique piece

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Hiruki is a variable system of flat glass shapes and elastic bands that can be configured in different manners, generating multiple random angles and chromatic combinations. The same physical law acts in different variants in which the dialogue and struggle between elasticity and rigidity ends up defining the current appearance of each piece. A balance between stability and a possibility of falling and breaking warns of our irruption in this dialogue between two materials.

Designer & Collection

Julen Ussia

Born in the Basque Country, his interest in materials and objects led him in 2011 to move to Barcelona to study Arts and Design at Escola Massana. He delved further into material experimentation, as well as into the processes of manual work, feeling akin to the crafts and the ways of doing and thinking typical of tradition with a will to generate new contemporary languages. He specialized in Applied Arts and found in ceramics an intense field of work.

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