Ignored Helena

by Michael Roschach
Concrete and fiber optics

H 30 x L 30 x W 32 cm (length with fiber optics 190 cm)

Unique piece

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Monolithic reinforced concrete table in one piece that combines the roughness of the concrete with the lacquered finish. Three legs with wheels, like a grand piano, and a fourth one for support.

The light installation is based on a lamp by Helena Tyrell that was found and not recognized by the author. Once filled with concrete and destroyed, the result has been forgotten in his workshop. Years later it has been reborn, in a piece that recalls its initial essence, emitting light.

Designer & Collection

Michael Roschach

He has been researching into the way to dignify concrete since 2008. Roschach’s fascination for the material and the need to cross the boundaries set for this rough construction material is reflected in his experiments, commissioned art pieces, concrete furniture and objects. He was born and formed as an architect in Germany, now he lives in Barcelona.

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