Mimesis 4

by Jordi Ribaudí

Sculptural furniture
Finnish pine wood, buffalo leather

H 76 x L 86 x W 140 cm

Unique piece

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Before our eyes the devastation of the natural environment appears clearly and in fear we see that in all this tragedy we are the implacable predator.

But our new morality cannot be simplistic; our new actions cannot simply be labeled.

We must move away from fashions and accept nature as the ecosystem that it is and of whose balance living beings are an inseparable whole.

We ask ourselves whether we have the right to produce and eat other living beings, but we could also ask ourselves whether we have the right to eat vegetables and erode the soil through over-exploitation, to cut down trees and deforest or to produce millions of tons of plastic whose waste is not assimilated back into nature.

Preserving the environment means navigating the balance of the food chain, stopping the abuse we have made of it. Understanding that its interdependence generates balance.

Designer & Collection

Jordi Ribaudí

BA in Industrial Design. In 1996 he founded Estudi Ribaudí, which specializes in product design, furniture and lighting. As an interior designer, he collaborates with well-known fashion brands.

In 2005, he started the restoration of a 19th century tannery, where he moved his studio and which in turn became an exhibition and promotion space for Igualada’s old industrial district.

Since 2009, he has been promoting REC.0, an innovative project to give visibility to architectural heritage through the temporary installation of “pop up” shops in abandoned tanneries.

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