Mimesis 6

by Jordi Ribaudí

Sculptural furniture
Finnish pine wood, buffalo leather

H 68 x L 38 x W 155 cm

Unique piece

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In an effort to overcome our dependence on the natural environment, humanity has created an artificial world that, by contrast, has been built stable, perfect, symmetrical and predictable.

We live in a smooth and aseptic environment, without discomfort but also without bodily sensations. Objects no longer feel, taste or smell, nor do they emit any sound.

Any object intended to be used as a seat has such a similar size, stability and comfort that our body no longer pays attention to it.

But if we go into nature, the soil becomes imperfect.

When we sit on a log or stone, which are imperfect, we become aware of our body, our muscles and skeleton and how they fit into the natural environment. We become aware of our limbs – our own – and become animals again.

The constant imbalance, the unstable position will become the constant. And so we will discover that an ordered and balanced world is only a cultural creation.


Designer & Collection
BA in Industrial Design. In 1996, Jordi Ribaudí founded Estudi Ribaudí, which specializes in product design, furniture and lighting. As an interior designer, he collaborates with well-known fashion brands.

In 2005, he started the restoration of a 19th century tannery, where he moved his studio and which in turn became an exhibition and promotion space for Igualada’s old industrial district.

Since 2009, he has been promoting REC.0, an innovative project to give visibility to architectural heritage through the temporary installation of “pop up” shops in abandoned tanneries.

As a result of this project, he started to contact and make friends with the tanners in the area, get to know their work and the possibilities of the material. He begins to explore and experiment with leather. Finally in 2015 he starts the TORU project. A mixture of ideas and sensations turned into objects.

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