Objecte #2

by Rosa Cortiella

Fruit bowl
Grogged clay, glaze, colourant

H 26 x L 15 x W 18 cm

Unique piece

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Working from ceramics as a broad discipline that includes design, sculpture and painting, this work belongs to a collection of objects in which the forceful volumetries dialogue with fragility, balance and color.

Designer & Collection

Rosa Cortiella

She has a degree on Ceramic and sculpture. Professionally dedicated to ceramics since 1988. Interested in formal and artistic experimentation in the ceramic medium. Her multidisciplinary training allows her to move from sculpture to product development, or color research. For a long time, her work has focused on the design and production of limited series, mainly in the field of haute cuisine.

She combines her professional career with teaching and ceramics workshops. Also, she has been curator for 3 years at the ACC gallery. Currently collaborating with MUD CERAMICS Factory as head of the R & D department.

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