Opposite chair

by Six N. Five

Jesmonite AC100 and fiberglass fabric.

H 73 x L 73 x W 65 cm

Unique piece

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The Opposite Chair is one of the first designs that Six N.Five Objects brings to life. It relies on the simplicity of forms; an allegory of two contrasting yet blurry connected scenarios, the virtual and the physical. In this piece, we wonder about the intersection of equals and opposites, reflectiveness, and shape perception.

The chair is embedded with an authentication chip, built on Blockchain technology (Ethereum ERC-721) that allows the owner to scan the artwork by proximity with the cell phone and bridge the physical and virtual worlds.

Designer & Collection

Six N. Five

Ezequiel Pini’s (1985) contemporary art studio, an award-winning Argentinian designer and digital artist. Since 2014 they’re specialized in creating digital and real worlds and experiences with a clean and modern aesthetic. Apart from working with the most recognized brands and creators, they produce experimental work with the main aim being to legitimize CGI as a new medium of artistic expression.

Their refined imagination, poetic compositions, edgy minds, and sleek skills make 6n5 stand out in its uniqueness and purity of results.

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