by Joan Tarragó


H 2 x Ø200 cm

Unique piece



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The idea was to commission Joan Tarragó to illustrate a handwoven rug using his own and characteristic language: the essence of movement expressed through the intricate lines, the artistic expression of a mental flow, the dichotomy between organic and technological, urban and nature, tradition and modernity.

Designer & Collection

Joan Tarragó (1984)

The constant exploration of an exotic graphic language through travel and research is the backbone of the tireless work by Joan Tarragó. A Barcelona native, his academic and professional artistic background embraces illustration, graphic design and urban art, giving a very eclectic and meticulous approach to contemporary art.

For him, illustration is no longer bound by a flat format but often explores three dimensions.
His artistic style is nourished by ancient symbolism, surf label influences and a very cutting edge graphic language, which all together has been very successful in the artistic scene in many countries like USA, Indonesia, Japan, France or Germany.

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