by Todomuta

Side table
Steel and glass

H 35,2 x L 46,2 x W 107 cm. 52 kg weight.

Limited edition of 5 + 1 A.P.

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In a new search for the impossible or unimagined, Todomuta Studio continues to recode pre-established ideas in our relationship with objects.

Re-BUILT arises from the mimesis between form and structure, conventionally conceived as duality, they build here an indissoluble unit. In a clear exercise in nudity, the piece is presented emaciated and devoid of any excess matter.

As a result, a dual and contradictory desire, on the one hand towards weightlessness, accentuated by the lightness of the glass and on the other hand towards the solidity of the nobility of steel. These tensions place the piece in a kind of enigmatic and re-programmed nature. A weightless dance whose lightness amazes because of how much it supports.

Designer & Collection

Studio that was born in 2011 under the artistic direction of Laura Molina and Sergio Herrera. The studio is characterized by constant research in both the formal and narrative framework, betting on a tireless search for new forms and perspectives that orbit around art and design, exploring its borders. A speech recognizable by its singularity, but without static laws.

Since its inception, the studio has opted for author’s work and self-production, creating timeless objects far from the imitative trend of the market. A self-production that is characterized by an infinite care for detail, experimentation and enhancement of traditional craft production processes, giving them a current approach by making them coexist with the resources offered by new technologies; thus creating new connections both in the field of ideas and in the framework of production.

In recent years, the studio has worked to weave a network of connections with other disciplines that help nurture it to grow. That same network of connections has caused brands and professionals in architecture, fashion or interior design, among other sectors, to become interested in the idiosyncrasy of the studio and in a conscious awareness that art is the way. Probably the only one.

Todomuta has been consolidating its international presence through successive editions of fairs such as MACO (Mexico), Design Miami, Design Shanghai, DNA Shenzhen, Mexico Design Fair, Dubai Expo 2021. Currently the studio is represented by “Casa Gutiérrez Nájera ” (Mexico) and “Gallery All” (USA-China).

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