Red Sea

a collaboration between Delia Ruiz Malo & 40 Plumas

Glass, fusing + blowtorch, cold working with diamond wheels and sandblasting, kilned 4 times

H 32 x L 29 x W 8 cm

Unique piece

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Designer & Collection

Delia Ruiz Malo (1981)

Spanish Graphic Artist from Barcelona who studied Graphic Design in Barcelona (Elisava) and Helsinki (Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture). Delia holds a Masters in Pattern and Surface Design from IED, Istituto Europeo di Design, Madrid.

Professionally, she has developed her career in several cities such as Barcelona, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Sydney, Madrid, Manchester and San José (Costa Rica).

Delia states: “When you live a life embraced with a committed indulgence in what makes you happy, success is more of an achieved lifestyle than an obtainable goal.”

Delia’s natural appeal to Graphic Design and Art is rooted from years of inspiration through admired outlets only a Barcelona native could mirror. Her sharp attention to spaces, strong and soft contrasts, and geometrics pleasingly laced with simplicity produces dreamlike creations mixed with urban patterns and true innovativeness.

In an era swept away with technology advancements, Delia excels in the forefront but maintains a respectable and authentic approach. Artistic preparation by hand assures not just a unique outcome on projects, but a sincere and notable grace of individual production.

40plumas was born as an art studio. In its constant search, they play with the material to overcome the limits of their knowledge. Experts in the hot and cold techniques of artistic glass, they mix and compose new working methods that allow them to express themselves. From this passion and dedication emerges the dialogue with other artists, architects and designers, to address the need of their diverse specific projects. Creativity, technique and experimentation work in unison towards original results.

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