Sèrie Cartabó #40

by Margalef

Series Cartabons
Enamel on porcelain stoneware

881 x 884mm

Unique piece

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The geometry of the serial elements is stable as a single element or following the established patterns according to the original design. However, when we alter the standardization, when we extrapolate its characteristics, we cause the design to act as a tensioning element, where the instability of the composition provokes contradictory sensations.

Designer & Collection
Josep Margalef (1983)

Lives and works in Barcelona. Inspired by public space and the interest in graphics that conditions urban contexts, his artistic career adopts architecture and design under a material and ephemeral approach, based on the definition of compositions and a deference to industrial materials. Beyond his line of research, his works are presented in the form of series, installations or interventions in public space, building new cartographies to interact with people and the environment.

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