Set Bauglass kit

by Ferran Collado

Porró (wine pitcher), water glass, beer glass

Porró: H 21 x L 20 x W 10 cm
Water glass: H 8 x L 8 x W 6,5 cm
Beer glass: H 19,5 x Ø6,5 cm

Limited edition

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In the Bauhaus Kitchen is a project that explores the intersections between art, design and gastronomy. Inspired by the essay In The Bauhaus Kitchen by Nicholas Fox Weber, this collaborative project celebrates the centenary of the school by analyzing and interpreting how gastronomy and rituals associated with food were central points of interest in the Bauhaus. Ferran Collado was the artist in charge of designing the glass, the beer glass and the dinner jug in glass.

Designer & Collection

Ferran Collado, 1980

Heir to a family with a long glassmaking tradition dating back to 1920, he grew up among this material.
Always self-taught, he has acquired much of the knowledge of the techniques he uses from his father and grandfather in the family workshop.

Versatile and self-taught artist, today he has his own studio in Sants (Barcelona) where he exploits the techniques and resources acquired over the years and puts them at the service of designers, artists, restorers, decorators and anyone who wants to introduce glass into their lives.

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