Sushi with chrysanthemums

by Dani Buch
Ceramics, Hand Painted.
Produced in Talavera de la Reina, Intangible World Heritage.

H 19 x L 30 x 16 cm

Limited edition of 11

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Dani Buch uses his particular figurative world to represent society in an ironic and daring way. In this case, it is a pig that has disguised itself as a fish, resulting in a grotesque yet endearing creature. Humorously named Sushi with Chrysanthemums by its substitution of the rice for a pig, it is a limited and numbered edition of 11 units which have hand-applied decorative motifs on the body, as if they were tattoos.

Designer & Collection
Dani Buch

Painter, draughtsman and engraver, developed this combination of artistic disciplines settled in Barcelona. Fascinated by human character and its multiple shades, his work has been successfully received in the art gallery milieu and acknowledged in notable fine arts reviews, praising his constant development and artistic progression throughout two decades of frui tfully accomplished re-creation of his main artistic leitmotifs. Dani Buch applies to the figurative to make his imaginarium emerge. Shapes and formats are the essential tools to understand the different pulses of all characters involved in his works, comprising both equally, a methodical painting line and an outburst of colour atmosphere.

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