by Joan Vellvé

UNCRAFTED, “Canya” collection
Side lamp

H 164 x L 79 x W 52.5 cm

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Piece that belongs to "Canya", a collection of lamps. They are rough, tensioned and delicate encounters of cane and standardized electrical complements. Joan Vellvé's practice is based on the locality of the surroundings, the workshop, the tools, the materials and the individual process of learning-by-doing. The collection allow space for an imagined craftsmanship, an aesthetics, and an artistic approach; outcomes as by-products of processes of working and playing with materials.

Designer & Collection
Joan Vellvé (1987)

He is a creative practitioner born in Barcelona. Educated between Elisava and Design Academy Eindhoven, Joan’s work is a compendium of experiments, walks and critical thinking. For all the work that Vellvé has developed, he looks for curious and critical positionings that enable a fresh point of view together wih his technical eye and crafty hands.

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