by Adrián Cruz

Table lamp
Thallus and light bulb in crystal resin. Pedestal in Mexican onyx

H 50 x L 19 x W 19 cm

Unique piece

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Inspired by the flower's thallus, the main body unveils the cable that brings energy to the light bulb crowned at the top. This unique light bulb is fully made in crystal resin with a concavity that captures movement and lightness in the

The pedestal is sculpted in Mexican onyx. Due to craftsmanship of the resin and the infinite colored veins of the onyx, each piece is unique.

Designer & Collection

Adrián Cruz

Graduated of the University of Florence, Italy, creates objects in resin under his namesake studio. His interest in resin began in Mexico City with objects his grandfather made: toys, buttons, as well as more artistic forms such as encapsulated flowers and insects. Now Adrian combines his experience in architecture with his knowledge in the art of resin to create objects, using his grandfather’s technique, mixing colours inspired by his Mexican culture with natural materials such as onyx.

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