Tapa-Tapa Collection

designed by Alejandra Perini

hand blown by Pròsper Riba

Set of 4 Plates
Colored glass

Unique piece

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Stackable plates, inspired by the dynamic that is created during "La hora del Vermut". The experience of enjoying an aperitive at home or at a bar with a group of friends, where the gastronomic variety and the amount of plates and glasses on the table creates an organized chaos that has its unique beauty and charm.

The plates are made of colored glass, where each piece is unique and has a different height that adapts to a different kind of "tapa". The colors on the outside are delicate and compatible with any table setting, while the colors on the inside are more intense, contrasting the food and generating a surprise when decomposing the stack of dishes.

Designer & Collection
Alejandra Perini (1992)

Born in Colombia in 1992. She grew up in an artistic Italian-Colombian family. From a young age she began showing interest in design and crafts, being her mother a ceramist and her father a metal smith. After graduating from ECAL in 2015, Alejandra Perini moved to Barcelona to pursue her career in design.

She is a product designer with a strong focus on materiality and craftsmanship, combining personal projects with her work at studios and brands as BOLIA, Warm Nordic, Sebastian Alberdi Studio, Ox Gallery and currently Octaevo.

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Pròsper Riba (1992)

Born in Barcelona, he defines himself as a craftsman, glassblower and designer. Trained in design at Escola Massana in Barcelona and in the art of glass blowing at the Glasfachschule Zwiesel in Germany, he has completed his apprenticeship in various workshops such as the Bild-werk (Germany) and the Penland School (USA) and also assisting master glassmakers Matteo Gonet (Basel) or Jeremy Maxwell (Paris) in two different workshops where design and crafts went hand in hand.

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