Task Light

by Tim Hooijmans

Table Lamp
Raw solid aluminium

H 40 x L 41 x W 8 cm

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The Task Light is made from raw solid aluminium. The aluminium is “stored” in the form of this lamp; not covered or “protected” with layers of paint or plastic to make it as easy as possible to recycle and repurpose. The Task Light has only two parts. A solid aluminium cone that serves as the base of the lamp. With at its top a long, thin, solid aluminium strip that holds the light. Everything is held together by a single screw which is in plain sight, just like the cable. The aluminium is polished by hand to protect its surface in a natural way. The mirror-like surface makes it . No anodizing, no coatings, no paint, nothing to hide.

Designer & Collection

Tim Hooijmans

He is an autonomous industrial designer based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Focused on making industrially produced series in tiny numbers.

He believes a design should come from your inner values. This makes it easier to create something more human, something with a positive impact. With a focus on being useful and meaningful, rather than just tasteful or stylish.

A few years ago, Tim was looking to design in a more honest way, searching for less in a world that demands more. Outside the fastness of mass-consumerism. So he started designing and producing tiny series together with local machine shops. Forming his values and ideas as Tim went along.

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