The glass as a dystopian memory

by Álvaro Ferreira

Glass panel
Industrial wax on glass

H 100 x L 25 cm

Unique piece

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Replica of one of the glass panels from Crystal Palace - Hyde Park, 1851. Flowers of different species are drawn on it, barely visible, reminding us the human need to control nature.

Designer & Collection

Álvaro Ferreira Navone

He lives and works between Madrid and Mexico City. His work is located in a problematic and complex place for contemporary art. In Alvaro’s work, a concern for indeterminate but at the same time explanatory compositions becomes present, which reveals his training as a graphic designer.

However, this framework between an ambiguous textuality and apparently spontaneous drawings reveals complexities that focus on an almost therapeutic use of art. Ferreira’s exercises focus on a philosophical exploration of language and the means it finds through completely personal and emotional processes, which may well be shared by different subjectivities that appropriate them. Ferreira has worked with different media, ranging from land art and installation to drawing and writing.

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