Tree Bottle I Brown

by Klas Ernflo

Hand built, painted with engobe and waxed stoneware. Pine wood inside the bottle cap.

H 44 x L 20 X W 25 cm

Unique piece

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Hand built, burnished and waxed earthenware with pine wood inside the bottle cap.

Designer & Collection

Klas Ernflo

He was born in Stockholm in 1975 and based in Barcelona. Ceramics is one output from the artist, who also works with textile art, painting and wooden sculptures. Initially trained as a commercial artist in Sweden, Klas work shows objects we use or things we wear, plants and animals crafted with comfort and humour. He has exhibited in Barcelona, Los Angeles and Dusseldorf and have had work published in periodicals like Apartamento, Domus and Le Monde d´Hermès.

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