Tubs i llums #03 Big + Small

by Max Enrich
Floor lamp
Stainless steel

H 180 x L 50 x W 50 cm

Limited edition

In Stock



Playing with the narrow line between design and pure aesthetics, Max Enrich focusses on a constant search for bold and suggesting forms which can be used as a chair, as a table or as a sculpture. It’s all about coming up with a functional solution - how will it stand up, how will it stay still or how comfortable it will be - together with an unexpected shape for it.

This lamp is part of a family of 9 self-standing light structures. All made by the junction of an arch carrying light and an arch behaving as a support, these lamps play with equilibrium and projection of light. The family is made by form and dimension variation: they are all variations of the same principle.

Designer & Collection

Max Enrich (1987)

Playing on the thin line between design and pure aesthetics, Max Enrich focuses on a constant search for daring and suggestive forms that can be used as a chair, a table, or a sculpture. It is a question of finding a functional solution: how will it stand, how will it remain stationary, or how comfortable will it be, together with a form that is unexpected for him.

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